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Last night I sat down and watch the premiere of the new apocalyptic series Revolution. Interesting, but not riveting. It did not surprise me that the people who survived a devastating worldwide electrical blackout left the cities and went back to small self-reliant communities. It did not surprise me that government failed and a militia-oriented feudal system was in place. And part of the mystery of the show is… What made the electric fail?

This morning I woke up to various reviews of the show. These reviews ranged from the raging of unrealistically wonderful hair on the female actors to thought provoking commentaries on what would happen if the electric went out.

I was reading an article in which, “The president of the Electric Infrastructure Security Council, testified during the [Congressional] hearing that addressing the threat [of total electricity loss] wasn’t a question of technology or finances, but of “increasing awareness. Could Revolution solve that problem?”

“If the television show gets people to think about hazards in a manner that causes them to prepare, then it will be beneficial,” said a FEMA spokesman.”

“And Rep. Franks? He appeared to be on the fence on the show’s converting power as well, saying in a statement, “Loss of electricity for even one day is no laughing matter. Fully losing electricity for months or years would be disastrous beyond words.” Franks said that Revolution appeared to take long-term power outage seriously, and he hopes the show will bring more attention to the threat. But, on the other hand, he worries that “viewers will be tempted to believe that EMP and its effects are concepts only for Hollywood.”

We are preppers. And perhaps we can use this show to open conversations with loved ones and others to consider preparing, perhaps not for a forever electrical blackout, but for potential hard times ahead. A “circle the wagons” conversation starter if you will. And it can’t hurt when you can quote FEMA.

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