Review on a Heavy Duty Mylar Emergency Blanket

A review on a heavy duty emergency blanket purchased from

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Review on a Heavy Duty Mylar Emergency Blanket

By Bev Sandlin


I recently purchased two heavy duty Mylar blankets on eBay from $7.49 each with FREE shipping. Unfortunately, I cannot find them on their website, but they are on eBay, go to:

If you are in a northern climate, your life may depend on staying warm. The cheap emergency blankets tear so easily! And I knew there was heavier Mylar material out there because has nice heavy (best deals on the web that I can find) food storage bags—4 mil I believe. Why they don’t stock the heavy duty Mylar blankets, I do not know…

Anyway, these blankets are definitely worth the money! Very hard to tear (Actually, I couldn’t, but maybe a man could; they stretch.). Definitely reusable! Definitely the best deal on the web that I could find, considering the free shipping.

Five stars from Bev! And I will be ordering more!

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The exhausted clerk had pulled down blanket after blanket from the shelf, but still the woman customer was not satisfied.
“There is one more blanket left,” said the clerk. “Do you care to see it?”
“I’m not going to buy one today,” said the woman. “I have only been looking for a friend.”
“Well,” said the clerk,”I’ll take the last one down if you think your friend might be in it.”
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