Reorganizing the Garden Shed – $0

By Bev Sandlin

I bought this little garden shed off of Craigslist a couple of years ago for $50. Surprisingly it has never tipped over in any of the storms even though I did not secure it in any way. It has withstood below zero weather, mountains of snow, and has proved itself handy in the garden. But I just couldn’t seem to get the hang of how to organize it.

I expanded the garden and needed to move the shed which I did. I keep a bench in the garden just to sit on and contemplate things and that is when I figured out how to reorganize this little shed to be much more functional than just holding a few hoes and shovels. Here is the overview…

inside garden shed

We all have garden pots laying around. I grabbed the ones that were very well made and screwed them onto the walls. How fantastic! I now have storage for my garden gloves, seed packets, balls of twine and rope, plant markers and even several I haven’t filled yet, with room to add more!

3 pots

So then I added some screws to hang stuff on. I’m using the star headed decking screws as they are weather resistant and I love the star heads – less likely to strip out.

screws for tools

So then I screwed four of the very large garden pots to the floor in the back of the shed. I had a couple of strips of that composite decking left over and cut them to fit in the corners to keep my hoes and shovels in place. You could use wood if that is what you have around.




The middle buckets are handy to hold rolls of anything, fertilizer, whatever. The bonus was that my post driver fit between them.

two pots

So then I drilled several holes to hold scissors, wire cutters, knifes, etc. I did these with paddle bits. Very handy.


A couple of hooks came with the shed and some tools just lend themselves to this type of hanging.

hook hanger

I have found a few more of those pieces of composite board laying around, so one of these days I think I will add a few horizontally to make some enclosed shelves for tools like the tape measure, etc.

inside garden shed

When I was done, I even had space for my little kneeler/sitter seat. Once I had gathered my tools, it took less than one hour to totally reorganized this shed into a much more functional area.

Another big advantage? If I decide that I want to clean it all I have to do is take out the tools, etc. and hose it down! All the pots will drain automatically.

How do you organize your garden shed, shop, garage, etc.? Please write me at bcfossillady at gmail dot com and send me some pictures!

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