Redundancy is one of those terms often thrown around survival blogs and forums – so why not here.

Two is one, and One is none– a simple definition for Redundancy. Redundancy involves having backups and alternatives so that in the event of an equipment failure, loss, or absence – the “mission” can still go on. In a word……every piece of equipment should have a backup, and that backup should have a backup, and so on.

Let’s look at a few examples:

  • Water – One might store gallons of water in jugs, bottles or other containers. Eventually that will run out. So next you have a large water purifier/filtration. Next, in case something happens to that – or you have to bug out without it – you may have a portable water filter.
  • Fire– One might have a bunch of matches stored. Next, a few Bic lighters. After that, a magnesium fire-starter. Loose the matches – get the lighter. Lighters run out – move on to the fire-starter. You see how it works.
  • Defense – One might have a rifle or a shotgun to defend themselves. Next, a pistol. Next – maybe even another pistol. Then, a knife or a stick. Lastly – you have your bare hands.

Got it?

Redundancy is often practiced unknowingly by survivalist who are just preparing for the worst. It is something I am working on improving in my “survival system” all the time. You have to strategically look at your preps and not just get a lot off stuff. Get a lot of stuff to back up your other stuff.

I love stuff.



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