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YouTube can be an incredible resource of information covering man topics including survival, preparedness, and homesteading. It can also provide enough manure to fill up the largest of fields.

If you happen to be unfamiliar with YouTube – let me give you a quick summary of what it it:

YouTube is a website that houses a vast library of video’s covering every topic imaginable. These video’s are uploaded to YouTube via users who range from regular people like you and me to giant corporations to  movie stars and musicians. As a user of YouTube you can use a “search function” to look for video’s on the subject matter that you wish to see. Those that upload video’s have what is termed a “Channel” which you can subscribe to. This subscription allows you to log into your account and quickly visit all of those Channels you have subscribed to. You yourself can also easily make video’s and upload them to YouTube – often just using  a standard modern Smartphone.

Below are a few channels that are I recommend:

  •  The Patriot Nurse – straight talk about medical preparedness and preparedness in general
  • SouthernPrepper1 – excellent resource covering many, many preparedness topics. SP1 also discusses tactics involved in a WROL (without rule of law) situation.
  • Sootch00 – lots of gear reviews as well as thoughts on survival and preparedness.
  • Nutnfancy – A huge array of gun and knife reviews. He also covers some tactical equipment and has what I consider fantastic philosophical video’s on life and current events.
  • SensiblePrepper – Another channel of Sootch’s. Name pretty much says it all.
  • MainePrepper – Ex-military – discusses preparedness in a very methodical and organized manner. Useful especially due to military perspective.

Well, there are a few. I only have so much time to get on YouTube – usually on the weekend. I download a bunch of them and then watch during the week. Downloading YouTube video’s? Yes – I’ll cover that in another post.

Have any favorites?

– Rourke

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