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Editor-at-Large MsKYprepper recently mentioned that she really liked the book….When Disaster Strikes: A Comprehensive Guide for Emergency Planning and Crisis Survival.


Any disaster-prep book written in late 2011 has plenty of material to work with.  Matthew Stein gets right to the point reminding the reader of recent tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes and civil unrest.  In the first few pages of reading you might be tempted to think “there’s no new news, here” but venture on.  After the author lays out level-headed justification for becoming self-sufficient during and following a disaster, the book accelerates quickly.  If you believe as I do that skills and knowledge are as important as having stuff, you’ll be hooked by page 30.  


THE most valuable thing about Stein’s book is in having such a wide variety of emergency preparation information in one book – and I mean EVERYTHING, in detail, for surviving a short term disaster.    


By my standard, if I can learn 3 new things from a book, then it was worth my time to read. So, I especially appreciated the water purification section. The author offers a detailed discussion on each option – when it’s better and its limitations. This book is all about you having options and knowing how to decide which option to choose.  Stein also included a complete product review of each big-name water filter – which is best in what situation. I had not found this any other place. I appreciate that throughout the book the author included web site URLs and resources for more information to allow self-research.  In the medical section the author is favorable on colloidal silver and Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS). I’m now revisiting the possibilities of making CS and stocking MMS.    


Those are just a few examples; every section is carefully explained, in detail, with options and references.  


I recommend this book because it’s an all inclusive review of stuff you (should) already know; it’s an equipment-review guide for confident purchasing and it’s a good reference for when the bad thing happens and you can’t remember details. I recommend it because of  the author’s writing style, it’s easy to understand, concise and to the point, plus …I love lists, and Mr. Stein gives the reader lots of lists.  


In the end, I learned more than my required 3 new and important items. It may not be worth the $16 price-tag if you’re already well-briefed and well-rehearsed but it’s THE one book to recommend to family and friends who are not yet confident in a broad range of skills. Even though it’s a 400-page book, it is a quick read. A little each night and I gobbled it up in about a week,   Go to Amazon to view the table of contents – it’s too extensive to list here.  Yes, you can save money at Amazon with the Kindle edition, but like I said, it’s a great reference.  …get the book …just in case… 

For more information – check it out HERE.


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