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The following was left in response to the Sunday Self-Reliance Share and Q & A back on September 7th. Good example of folks actively preparing for…..whatever. “Whatever” will happen- or it won’t – but regardless there will be peace of mind and safety created. – – – Rourke


…..from Randy:

I was reading some other prepper sites last evening and developed a slight case of anxiety while noticing the plethora of articles dealing with the consequences of an attack on our electrical grid, including nuclear generating plant malfunctions. So, I whipped out the credit card and ordered a Big Berkey filter, some N100 masks and a couple of hooded Tyvek suits that I found at Amazon for less than $7.00. Must have been a loss leader as all other sizes were quite a bit more expensive.

I also remembered that several of my 40# propane tanks need to be refilled, as do several of my 5 gallon gasoline cans, so put that on my list to do before the end of the week. I had let my gasoline supply dwindle as prices rose, but the prices have come down to $3.19 this week here, so that’s cheap enough. I would like to reiterate that, for those who store much gasoline, I typically rotate our 5 gallon cans to fill Karen’s car (VW bug, and easier to fill from a can than our other vehicles), which keeps the gas fresh and means I don’t have to spend the money for gas treatment for longer term storage. The stored diesel is used in our JD tractor and skid steer, so the same applies.

Since our above ground water storage tanks have a combined capacity of 6,000 gallons, I finished an earlier installation of a gravity feed filler for buckets and bottles, so that flushing toilets is not a problem in a power outage. We can pump those tanks full,, if need be, by supplying power to the submersible pump from our generator, but that water will last quite a while if we’re not in the gardening season. I’d like to get a gasoline powered pump to be able to use water from the pool, too, since there’s another 12,000 gallons there. That’s on my list.

It will be interesting to see if the Big Berkey makes our well water more drinkable. There’s nothing really wrong with it, except it has magnesium sulfate (epsom salts) in it, and when you drink a lot of it…well, things happen.

A lot of folks seem to be of the opinion that ISIS may be planning an attack on our grid on 9/11. I don’t see that date as a strong likelihood as I don’t think they will want to commemorate an Al Qaeda atrocity, but rather make their own statement. But, I don’t claim to understand how they think.

I went to church today with some of these things on my mind, but our senior adult choir sang a song that reminded me that Jesus is the Rock and He is mindful of our needs. That made all the difference. (Of course, God did commission Noah to build a boat…)



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