RE: Coyote Attacks Dogs I Shoot With Glock 26

The following letter came in regarding the Video of the Week: Coyote Attacks Dogs I Shoot With Glock 26:
I grew up around farm people, both sets of my grandparents were on farms until they died.  I grew up around guns and have seen first hand why they are necessary for protection and survival.  If you have a pack of coyotes or dogs or even a lone animal descend on you, they can devastate the livestock you depend on to survive.  I am not going to go into being armed against human intruders, that is a personal choice we all have to make.  I have made my choice and am willing to do whatever it takes for my family to survive.  When it comes to defending your animals against predators, you have to be swift and decisive.  Whether it is the raccoon, opossum, fox, coyote, stray dog or pack… it is up to you to protect your food source.
Mother Nature is not kind, or forgiving.  Wild animals will do what is necessary to survive and that includes eating your chickens, rabbits, pigs, sheep, goats or cattle.  I have seen many farm animals killed or maimed to the point where they have to be euthanized because of wild animal attacks.  If you are going to raise animals or even just have dogs for companionship, you have to be ready to defend them.  They will fight until the death to defend you, you owe them enough loyalty to be willing to shoot the animal intruder that is bold enough to engage you and them on your property.
I do not believe most people know how bold and relentless these wild animals can be.  They will come after you in daylight or darkness where they have the advantage.  Most of them are ravenously hungry, some can be injured or ill.  Rabies is a real threat and can be deadly to your dogs or livestock if they are even bitten.  Any mammal can get rabies… not just dogs.  Horses, cattle, sheep, rabbits and yes, even humans are all open to this deadly virus and all it takes is a bite.  Wild animals that appear to act out of character may be infected.  What vets don’t tell you is that getting your dogs and livestock vaccinated is not 100% guaranteed to prevent the disease if bitten.
Also, if you have an attacking animal, do not just fire a warning shot, most have already been fired at and are not afraid.  Also, do not just wound the animal, kill it.  Firing a single shot was the reason the guy in the video had to go looking for the coyote.  Make sure you fire off the kill shot even if it takes multiple bullets.  People new to the ways of the homestead or farm life are not familiar with the rules of nature.  Nature is unforgiving when it comes to survival, it is the humans that have to learn to adapt to her ways. She has been surviving since long before humans walked this planet and she is good at it.

KE Steele



You are 100% right KE Steele! And wild animals do NOT just kill for food! One ‘possum killed 26 hens in the chicken house in one night – a bite out of every breast! I have even had to shoot my way INTO the house through a ‘possum eating and defending the cat food!


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