Quiz: How Prepared Are You?

How Prepared Are You?

By: Editor at Large Suni

Below You will find a quiz to see how well you would fair in a survival situation. Although I did try and cover all scenario’s some of the quiz will not apply to everyone. Have fun with this and post your score.  

20 Question QUIZ

1) Does each person in your family have a Bug-Out Bag which can sustain basic needs for 72 hours?

2) Do you and your family have a plan detailing where to meet after a disaster (if your home becomes unsafe)?

3) Do you have a basic first aid kit in your home and in your vehicle?

4) Do you have one gallon of water per person per day stored in the event of an emergency?

5) Do you know how to treat contaminated water to make it safe to drink?

6) Do you have an alternative water source? Or, if you get your water from a well, do you have means to operate this well if the power is out?

7) Do you have a plan for dealing with waste if the water is cut off and the toilet can’t be flushed?

8) Do you have a plan and supplies for what to do for personal hygiene?

9) Do you have a battery-operated or wind-up radio to use for information and updates if the electricity goes out?

10) Do you have back up-batteries for powered devices (tools, cell phone, flashlight, radio, etc.) in the case of a power outage?

11) If the electricity is out, do you have an alternate way to cook food and heat water?

12) Do you keep cash, or other valuables for bartering?

13) Do you have basic fire starting skills? Do you have the tools to start a fire?

14) Do you know how to stay warm without a fire, how to stay cool without air conditioning?

15) Do you know how defend yourself and your family?

16) Do you have at least 3 days of food on hand for each person in your family and for all pets/livestock?

17) After a collapse if there wasn’t a way to buy food, do you have the means to produce a garden?

18) Do you have the knowledge, supplies, and skills to plant a garden?

19) Do you have the knowledge and ability to hunt, dress, and prepare wild game or fish?

20) Do you keep your gas tank at least half full at all times?

Each question is worth 5 points

What Does Your Score Mean

  • Survivor. If you scored 90% or more, you’re a Survivor. You’re pretty much prepared for any eventuality and will most likely survive and thrive. You are probably a leader and don’t mind helping others to overcome difficult situations.


  • Laborer. If you are 80% to 89% prepared, you’re a Laborer. You’ve got a few basic preparations to make, but you’re well on your way. Keep it up.


  • Beginner. If you score 79% or less, you are a Beginner In the event of a disaster, meeting your basic needs is going to be very difficult. Thankfully, you’re already thinking about these things and can begin to prepare now.

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