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Joe Touchstone, owner of, interviewed me a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday I introduced you to a number of the questions, but not all. Here is a link to the complete interview which includes the top 3 SCP articles since we started.


 By Joe Touchstone,

“As a website editor, we have an unusual vantage point.

We get to see things, and discover things about our community from a perspective that few others have, through our email exchanges and visitor comments.

It’s a very rewarding and humbling experience.

And the responsibility that comes with this experience drives us to do better.

To provide the best we can for our community.

And do our best to answer the hard questions.

We recently completed an interview over at which answers several of those hard, most-asked questions and challenges most NEW preppers face.

Questions like:

— What’s the 1 tip or skill every prepper needs?

— What’s the most common question we receive?

— What’s the biggest challenge NEW preppers face?

We also talk about how this site got its start, and which articles you folks tend to visit most often.

Nothing was held back.

If you want to give it a read, the interview is here.

Hope you find it valuable, or at least useful. ;-)

And if you do, come back here and leave me a comment.

Your comments and emails are what makes our community what it is today!

joepaultouchstone <at>

 Again, here’s the URL to the interview:


I would appreciate it if you would give the questions I posted yesterday some thought and email me your answers at: bcfossillady <at>

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