PRODUCT ALERT: Bamboo Clothespins

PRODUCT ALERT: Bamboo Clothespins

submitted by: flutterby

Clothespins are a necessity for those of us who rely on our “solar clothes dryers”. It has been said that they will also be good barter items, along with clothesline materials, etc., when “IHTF” (“It” – does sound better, don’t you think?!).
Have you tried bamboo clothes pins? All clothes pins seem to be made in China now, like everything else, and the new ones all seem to be problematic, like everything out of China. But I thought the bamboo clothes pins would be  a good idea – you know, “renewable resource materials”, and all. But I don’t think I like them, personally. They are shorter than the “regular” clothes pins; the materials on the outside are slippery (coated), which is not good when you are dealing with wet fabrics. They do not hold as well on heavy items, such as big, thick towels, heavy jeans, etc., because they are smaller. In short, I don’t like bamboo clothes pins, I will not recommend them, and I will not be buying more of them.

Have you tried bamboo clothes pins? What is YOUR opinion?

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