Preps lately and “Off Topic”


Over the past week or so I have managed to improve my preps – at least a little.

I ordered three lightweight hammocks for camping and bug out bags. I am planning to take my two boys camping and anticipate we will sleep in hammocks. The camping trip will also be a sort-of trial for my bug out kits.

Here is one of the hammocks I ordered from Amazon:


Himal Portable Parachute Lightweight Hammock

I continue to work on my HAM radio repeater without much luck. I am going to abort the current method I am trying and buy  radio that has a built-in repeater. If you don’t know what a repeater is…..stay tuned. I think communication may be one of the most underrated categories of preparedness. 

So – how many of you have firearms? How many would like to own a firearm but are just too nervous? I have heard from many seasoned citizens that they are fearful or their personal safety but feel they are too old to learn to shoot a gun. Thoughts?


Off Topic:

Whatever you want to talk about – feel free…..


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