Prepping this week……..

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

Benjamin Franklin




What did I do to prep this week?


It has been a stress filled week. My mother was admitted to the hospital on Monday and won’t get out until this Monday. As it turns out a wood tick disease name Anaplasmosis cause her to develop blood clots on both lungs and trigger a neurological episode (Can’t pronounce it, so I can’t spell it.) between her jaw and temple that caused her excruciating pain. It wasn’t until my sister suggested a full tick screening panel (Not just Lyme’s disease. She just got over a bout with another tick disease named Ehrlichiosis.) that they were able to figure out what was wrong with mom. A program of doxycycline antibiotic was prescribed and she started getting better within 12 hours. For more information on tick diseases go to:


I did buy 5 more five gallon pails and lids, so that when I go to put up the latest “rice and beans” I bought for long term storage I would be totally prepared to get them done ASAP, so that when I open the oxygen absorbers I can seal the bags immediately so they can do their job.


We went to a movie in the city on Saturday, so I took the opportunity to stop at Walmart and buy another 100 rounds of 9 mm bullets and 50 each of 12 gauge and 20 gauge shot gun shells. When we got back from the movie, Bob just collapsed on the couch to nurse his cold in front of NASCAR.


I decided to go into the basement and prep. I put up 10  5 gal. Mylar bags and 20  l gal. Mylar—from–bags of rice, beans, flour, sugar, and milk. This time I sealed them 80% before I broke out the oxygen absorbers and that worked out a lot better for speed without the oxygen absorbers warming up. But I was good and tired after I finally finished (3 hrs.) and stacked all 10  5 gal. pails. I’m sure a younger person could probably have finished in an hour. And my back aches this morning.


I’m a bit at odds on how I am packing the long term storage pails. I had watched a video recently on YouTube that suggested that instead of packing, say, rice in one pail, flour in another, that a bit of everything in one pail that you could grab and go or offer as charity made more sense. I still agree, but I can also say that it really makes for a lot more pails and bags—which aren’t cheap! And because the way the bags are sold (lots of 10 bags and absorbers) it means that I must do 10 at a time. I also have some gamma seal lids that allow for easy opening and closing of 5 gal. pails. As far as I can see, if a person is short on money and room the way to go is just one food item per bucket (rice, beans, flour, sugar) and use a gamma lid.


I also inventoried my ammo, shy on .38s and I need another ammo box.


What did YOU do this week to prep?


– Bev


Feeling Good

A smile for you…

“The Top 10 Things People Think About While Singing a Hymn”

10. The pot roast.

9. What does pastor wear under robes?

8. Will the person behind me ever hit the right note?

7. 90 minutes till kickoff.

6. Did I turn off the curling iron?

5. The likelihood of the ceiling fan falling and hitting me on the head.

4. How many people have lost more hair than I have?

3. How would the hymn sound if Metallica played it?

2. Are there doughnuts at fellowship?

1. How many more verses?


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