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B.O.B. – Bug Out Bag, sometimes referred to as a “Get Home Bag” (GHB) – more accepted by those resistant to the idea of a need for prepping!

B.O.L. – Bug Out Location

CME – Coronal Mass Ejection – Solar Flare, emits radiation, hits earth’s atmosphere

EDC – Every Day Carry (of a firearm)

ELE – Extinction Level Event

EMP – Electro Magnetic Pulse

GRID DOWN:  all electric power is out in a widespread area; the “grid” is not working (the means of transferring electrical power from station-to-station/site-to-site)

HEMP – High Altitude EMP – nuclear detonation in earth’s atmosphere 50 to 200     miles above Earth’s surface

IMHO – In My Humble Opinion

MRE – Meal, Ready To Eat

MSM – Main Stream Media

NINJA – No Income, No Job or Assets

OpSec: Operational Security; why you must be able to keep your mouth shut and choose words carefully based on audience (when you do speak), if you are going to be a prepper!

RELATIVES: (never use names when posting/discussing in “online or stranger groups”

DD – Dear Daughter; if you have more than one, it’s DD1, DD2, etc., according to birth order (oldest is DD1)

DF – Dear Father, or just “DAD”

DH – Dear Husband; if you have more than one, don’t tell us.

DM – Dear Mother, or just “MOM”

DS –  Dear Son (DS1, etc., if you have more than one)

DW – Dear Wife; if you have more than one, you’re probably a dead man.

DIL – Daughter-in-Law

MIL – Mother-in-Law

FIL – Father-in-Law

SIL – Son-in-Law

SD – Stepdaughter; SD1, etc. (if more than one)

SS – Stepson (SS1, etc., if more than one)

SF – Solar Flare

SHEEPLE – Those who blindly think nothing will happen to them and the government will provide; those who follow the world and think preppers are nuts.

SHTF – Sh*t Hits The Fan (I prefer “Stuff”)

SIP – Shelter in Place

SOP – Standard Operating Procedure

TDL – “The D@&! Liar” – one of the references to our current leadership

TEOTWAWKI – The End of the World As We Know It

TFH – Tin Foil Hat; someone who is a “conspiracy theorist”; taken from the cartoonish notion of a person wearing a homemade aluminum foil “hat” to ward off harmful “rays”.

WROL – Without Rule Of Law

YOYO – You’re On Your Own

ZOMBIE – The cluelass masses of sheeplike humanity who are blindly following their “leader”, when SHTF and the Zombies get hungry, thirsty, etc., they’re coming for what you have! This is why OpSec (Operational Security) must be Priority # 1 – ALWAYS, NO EXCEPTIONS!


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