Prepper List Part One

Prepper List Part #1

by MsKYprepper, Editor-at-Large


Need help with New Year’s Prep Resolutions?  Make 2013 the year you get better prepared.  Here are 10 projects to launch you into action.  Each is low budget; some require nothing more than your time.  Most require no more than a weekend to complete. 


  1. Get organized!  Begin a 3-ring binder to organize notes; this will be your Emergency Binder.  Use it to consolidate your preparations notes and lists in one place. 
  2. Research on Google Earth the area around your house.  Get to know your danger areas.  Where are the “choke points” for escape via automobile?  Where are the natural water supplies?  Where are the risks?  Make notes for your Emergency Binder.
  3. Using Google Earth, find three different routes from work to home, from home to your safe place and other places you may need to travel.  (pick up children from school, etc.)  Identify possible problem areas.  Update your Binder
  4. Buy a detailed laminated paper map of your city and county. Store in your Binder.
  5. Begin to accumulate $200 in 1-dollar bills.  Store in your waterproof, fireproof, secret compartment place in your home.  When able, increase to $500.
  6. Scan your personal documents and copy to a thumb drive.  Store the thumbdrive in a save place.  Include social security cards, passports, birth, driver’s license, marriage, divorce decrees, insurance and title documents, deeds and contracts, bank account numbers and charge cards, (including lost or stolen notification numbers), stocks and bonds, wills, medical information, prescriptions, etc.
  7. Scan head-and-shoulder photos of each family member.  Save to your thumb drive.  Print a copy for your Emergency Binder.  If family becomes separated, a recent photo may help.
  8. Video or scan still photos of your home contents.  When disaster strikes, having a home inventory will help with insurance claims.  Copy to your thumbdrive.
  9. Start saving plastic 2-liter pop bottles (not milk jugs, they decompose).  Sanitize and fill 1 with ¾ with water.  Use it to fill any empty space in your freezer.  If your electric fails, this ice jug will help keep food preserved in the freezer as well as being a source of drinking water.  If space permits, have a least 1 2-liter bottle in the freezer per person.
  10. Ask friends and family members to save soda bottles for you.  Lie about your intentions, (tell them it’s a school project for little Johnny).  Sanitize the bottle, lid and threads.  Fill with tap water.  Your goal is to accumulate 30 bottles per family member and large pet. Store them easily with a DIY bottle rack:
  11. This one is for you – now that I’ve got you thinking about low-cost prep’s you have probably already thought of something else you want to do.  Go for it!


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