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The Prepper Garden

By Bev Sandlin


I bought this little hunter gnome on sale this year at Target and created a “Prepper Garden”. I have Fairy Gardens too, but this one I just had to share with you! With the advent of gun-toting gnomes, the question must be asked: “Has prepping gone mainstream?!”


Recently Rourke posted a picture of garden gnomes with rifles. One of our readers asked where he could buy one. So in doing a little research I found these:

Hunter Garden Gnomes 


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Gun-Toting Garden Gnomes Go on the Offensive

By: Don Deane |



Of all lawn decorations, garden gnomes get the least amount of respect and are frequently vandalized or stolen. But these gnomes, which are arranged in a variety of combat poses, will probably make mischief-makers think twice.

Using plastic Army soldiers he played with as a child for inspiration, Shawn Thorsson, a US Navy reservist from Petaluma, CA, has created a series of warring gnomes toting M-16s, pistols and — our personal fave — rocket launchers.

“Aside from the fact that they’ve got grenades and rocket launchers, they are just like any other garden gnome,” Thorsson said. “Little red hats and little white beards, the whole show.”

Thorsson has sold about 1,500 of the gnomes through Etsy so far at $50, and he has plans for paratrooper and SEAL Team 6 gnomes next. Clearly, would-be thieves are better off going after defenseless lawn jockeys instead. Get a closer look at some battlin’ gnomes below and be sure to check out Thorsson’s Etsy store to snag one of your own.



Thorssoli’s Shop Announcement

Welcome to your online source for the original Combat Garden Gnomes. These are the finest militarized lawn ornaments in the world. Accept no substitutes.

They’re flying off the shelf as fast as I can make them. I’m making more and listing them as they come out of the molds, so if I don’t have any of the particular pose you’re after in stock, please check back. You can also follow Thorsson & Associates Workshop on Facebook for updates when I list new batches of gnomes.

Since I handle all of the packing and shipping myself, I currently have a three to four week backlog of orders to ship. I’m doing my best to catch up, so please be patient.

In addition to the poses I’ve already listed, I am in the process of sculpting a minesweeper gnome. You can see the work in progress here: I should have some unpainted castings up for sale soon. I’m also starting a sculpt for a heavy machine gun gnome…

Stay tuned!

From Rourke: I need a bunch of these to protect my garden from squirrels and rabbits!!!

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