Preparing For More…

garage sale signThe WE2’s were scrambling around for dollars to get all our real estate taxes and personal property taxes paid.  While pulling out our “envelopes” of dollars saved throughout the year for this purpose, we found ourselves still short.  Then Mr. WE2 pulled a blue zippered makeup bag out and unzipped it, and there he found over $100 that wifey had “stashed” from this last summer’s yard sales! LOL 
After paying all our taxes on time with no penalties, we had $5 so we splurged…and bought a Little Ceasar’s pizza for supper! Guess the little blue bag was a “prep” tool and lesson about “never putting all your eggs in one basket! 
For us putting food by isn’t the only thing that is a preparedness lifestyle.  We try to put dollars by also, for such a time as this.  Having money available should a great depression hit isn’t the only time we need funds.  Even though our properties are paid for, and we wouldn’t “have to have” insurance on them, there’s still annual taxes that are due.  Having been involved in the real estate field in various forms, we’re both very aware of how quickly people can find themselves facing either foreclosures or tax liens that force them to sell their homes. 
We’ve also faced “renter mentality” at it’s worst.  Having owned various properties throughout both of our lives, we know how people descend into this type of thinking, and care nothing about the upkeep of a property and think with just a phone call, you have to come “fix it”. 
That’s why we’re “sold out” except for one duplex which is home to an aging parent and a disabled son.  The aging parent pays no rent and the son pays minimal rent because his income is barely enough to pay rent & utilities etc. 
Then…we get a call when it’s sleeting/raining outside, the roads are slick & icy, we’re roaming around the house in our pj’s…the back porch light needs a new bulb and the power strip for the laundry room heater keeps tripping.  Grrrrr!!!! 
How do you prepare for renter mentality?  You get a bit onery and tell them to “stuff their shorts” for a few more days, nobody (including us) needs to be out in this kind of weather!  We’re getting a bit better at learning to be “onery” but it’s not always easy.  The phone call came from one who prepares NOTHING past his current meal plan or current girl friend. 
So, the WE2’s can say they practiced sound money management and saying “no”. 
Christmas Tree2
Wishing a very Merry Christmas to all our internet friends,
especially to those facing much worse challenges than the WE2’s.

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