Preparedness Website Q&A Crossover – Question #4……

We continue the multi-part series of Questions and Answers involving several websites who each take one simple question…..and answer it. This Q&A will continue through Friday.

Seasoned Citizen Prepper Executive Editor Bev will be answering questions this week. The other participating sites are as follows:



Today’s Question: What firearms do you feel are most appropriate for long term survival and why?


First, I do not think that firearms are appropriate for everyone! Thoughtful defense can take many forms including pepper spray and a baseball bat!


That said, I just finished a pistol carrying course that will allow me to be eligible for a concealed carry permit.


On my homestead, I consider my most important firearms to be a .22 rifle, a 20 gauge shotgun and a .38 revolver. I have recently added a 12 gauge pump action shotgun and a 9mm semi-automatic pistol.


 – Bev


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