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We continue the multi-part series of Questions and Answers involving several websites who each take one simple question…..and answer it. This Q&A will continue through Friday.

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Today’s Question: What’s the most important thing people can do to prepare themselves in today’s troubled economy?


I believe in prayer for guidance, then…


Think about all the possible things that could happen in the next 6 months in our economy–economic collapse, hyperinflation, deflation, everything just keeps bumping along…; without fear, create some mental strategies that could help you and your family cope; take a deep breath and realize that you have just overcome the greatest obstacle to preparedness–the overwhelming feeling of just not wanting to deal with it all!


Then set aside whatever food that you currently use on a regular basis, “store what you eat; eat what you store” in as great a quantity as you can afford and have room for–food prices will be going up and you can save so much money if you can buy what you need when it comes on sale!


Find some way that is right for you to feel safe! That may be more locks on your doors, or pepper spray, or a gun. Start being more aware of your surroundings and don’t be a victim!


It is becoming much more frequent for the grid to go down and millions are without electricity. Consider purchasing a few items that would help you cope if you are without electricity for 72 hrs., 1 week, 3 weeks, 6 weeks…


And make a Plan!


 – Bev


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