Preparedness Website Q&A Crossover begins today……

Today begins a multi-part series of Questions and Answers involving several websites who each take one simple question…..and answer it. This Q&A will continue through Friday.

Seasoned Citizen Prepper Executive Editor Bev will be answering questions this week. The other participating sites are as follows:



Today’s QuestionWhen did you start prepping and why?


I started prepping in 1975, a year after I got married. It wasn’t called prepping then, it was just called “good housekeeping” by the neighbor ladies in our church. We were out in the panhandle of Idaho and as a young bride I trusted my husband to make good decisions and provide for us–NOT!


Although we had had a profitable summer logging, he had spent all the money and put nothing aside for winter. Well, after living on elk and pancakes all winter, and barely staying warm, I decided I needed to prepare for… winters, illnesses, injuries, job loss or layoff, electrical blackouts, volcano eruptions (yes, we went through Mount St. Helen’s blowup), blizzards, tornadoes, drought, excessive heat, excessive and extended cold, flooding, locusts in the garden, family upheavels, what have you!


Being frugal, learning basic survival skills, and stocking away food has always been of help both in good times and bad!


 – Bev

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