Preparedness: Common Sense or Craziness?

Ever sense I was a teenager there have been numerous times when I have “come to the rescue” in a situation. Not literally rescued someone but just had what was needed at the time. One of the most memorable was when I was going to Winthrop College back in 1989 and Hurricane Hugo swept into town. Even as a teenager I was into preparedness. I awoke at 4:00am to the power out and incredible wind and rain. I was in my dormitory and walked into the hallway outside my room and people were trying to get news and check on people. Hardly anyone had a flashlight and as far as news there were no cell phones back then. I went into the Army footlocker I had brought to school with me and fetched a radio along with a couple of flashlights and several cyalume light sticks. I passed the extra items out.

I was not surprised by the lack of preparation. I had seen it all before.

Another example was a storm rolled through the South and killed power in my area. I cranked up my generator and plugged in my fridge and freezer – along with a box fan, cell phone chargers and a TV/DVD. My neighbor was talking to my wife about they didn’t know what they were going to do as the power was supposed to be out up to 4 days. I told my wife to run ONE extension cord over there and to make sure that ONLY the fridge was plugged in. I didn’t want to overload the genny.

There have been numerous other situations where the power went out, a band-aid or first aid kit was needed, someone needed some rope – whatever. Point is and not trying to pat myself on the back but I come through because I am prepared.

So – is preparedness common sense or craziness?

Seems like the answer is self-evident: It is craziness NOT to prepare.

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