Potato Buckets

Potato Buckets

By Bev Sandlin, Executive Editor


Well, several different people have encouraged me to try potatoes in a bucket. I researched Gardening By The Square Foot website and found some information, but it really wasn’t detailed enough from my perspective. So I’m going to show you what I’m doing and maybe you can help! :)potatoe bucket

Square buckets were recommended. I bought these off of Craigslist for $1 each. They originally held strawberry syrup. Then I drilled a hole on each side and one in the middle of the bottom.

potatoe seedsHere are the seed potatoes. Cut and dried for 24 hours (that is how we do it in the North Country). I use russets because they are an indeterminate and will continue to set potatoes as they grow up.

SFG said to put an inch of pure compost in the bottom and set the potatoes in each corner. Did that and covered with the equivalent of “Mel’s Mix”.


potato buckets in row

I set the buckets along a fence line, so that I can tie the foliage against the fence as it grows.

So, this is my latest grand experiment! Wish me luck!


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