Posting on the SCP Forum

By servantheart, Editor At Large

Posting to the SCP Forum is really quite easy. AFTER you have created your WordPress account on the Forum, you just sign in.

Then, pick a topic that interests you, click on the blue line that names that topic; You get a blue line that reads “Topic/Started by/Replies/Views/Last post. Above and below you see “tabs” that read “New Topic”; you can click on either one of these (above or below — it does not matter) to post a new “thread” in that topic; in other words, you have something to add to that discussion.
When you click “New Topic”, you are still in the same group, but you get a new window; actually two; a skinny one above, and a bigger one beneath.

Notice the word “Subject” to the left of the top (skinny) box;  type in an attention-grabbing subject line for your conversation, or, cut and paste from an article that you are sharing from somewhere else – if you are sharing an article from somewhere else.

Now, see the word “Message” to the left of the big box? And there are some icons above that let you change your message a bit – “B” for bold, etc.? Type in your message, or, cut and paste, if you are sharing a post from some other site. Be sure you include the web site address from the other site, if that’s what you are doing. When you are finished typing your message, or, when you finish pasting in your message, hit that RED “Submit” button on the bottom left of your box. That will post it.

It will be moderated; things do sometimes get posted that should not be, but it doesn’t usually take us long to find it and take it out. I just want you to rest assured that we do try to keep a close eye on the Forum postings.


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