Post Pulling Made Easy

By Beverly Sandlin

One idea builds on another and before the internet was even a twinkle in anyone’s eye a lady sent in a tip to Countryside and Small Stock Journal about how she was digging wooden post holes with just water and a hose. Well, I didn’t have running water at the time, but that article came back to me last week when I was frustrated that Bob was not helping get out the t-posts from the cross fence I had taken down so that I could expand my garden. How could I do it myself?

Well, I could get them out with the truck or garden tractor and a chain, but many would be bent and useless. Even when Bob does take a post out it is often bent.

A couple of years ago I had bought a hose nozzle that said it would produce so much pressure it would power wash. Good thing I paid less than $6 for it as it never really worked like it said and I couldn’t get it ever to fan out. I’m sure you could do this without this nozzle, but it is the cat’s meow for me on this job.


And this is the stream it creates.


I can go an 1/8th of a mile if I connect all of my hoses together, so I started by connecting to the barn hydrant and dragging a couple of hoses out to the pasture where the fence was. WOW, it worked sooo slick!

in the ground

I stuck the nozzle into the ground next to the post, counted to 20, wiggled the post, counted to 20 again, wiggled the post some more and at 60 seconds I pulled it straight out with one hand!

post end straight

Heck, I had most of the posts pulled before Bob ever got home from work!

tposts in a row

He was impressed too – I think because he didn’t have to pull them. :-)

He did suggest that when I went to make fence by the garden that it may work for pounding them in easier too. And it did! I just stuck the nozzle in the ground as I was pounding the last post and it was about 1/3 the work as without using the water. I only got two blisters (gloves were in my back pocket). I had the whole garden fence built and the extra panels up in the pasture before he woke up at 5 pm.

Obviously I’m using t-posts, but I’m pretty sure this would work for wooden posts as well.

Happy Fencing!


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