Planning Resource for Older Preppers

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The American Red Cross does some fantastic work helping people across this country in time of disaster and strife. They also provide numerous resources to educate and prepare individuals for emergencies. Beyond valuable First Aid and CPR course they also have a large quantity of pamphlets, guides, and manuals. The vast majority of these are also available in printable and downloadable PDF electronic files.

One such document is their Disaster Preparedness For Seniors by Seniors. I’ve looked it over a few times and it is a very good planning guide – a checklist of you will.

They suggest 3 Steps to Preparedness:

  1. Get a Kit
  2. Make a Plan
  3. Get Informed

Each step is detailed out and it really does make sense.

You can download the guide HERE – and it is fully printable.

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4 comments to Planning Resource for Older Preppers

  • Lightning  says:

    Thanks Rourke. Red Cross also sells some exc. items like good plug in small flashlights etc. Go to their website American Red Cross.

    • Rourke  says:

      Thanks Lightning.

  • Dee Terry  says:

    Thanks for the info. Also, if you have stored water long enough that it tastes stale, just pour between 2 containers long enough for the water to breathe and it will become fresh again. We seniors may not be able lift and carry much but knowing some tips sure can help for survival.

    • Rourke  says:

      Good tip Dee!


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