Pallet gardening?

Spring is here. ‘Tis the season to be…….gardening!!

A neighbor friend told me about a method of gardening using pallets. The premise is placing a pallet on the ground, filling it with soil, and then planting vegetables and herbs between the planks of the pallet. 


This is not something that I have tried myself – but looks interesting. Anything that gets more people growing their own food is good by me. Many of the examples that I have seen people doing have some material laid under the pallet to minimize grass and weed growth through the pellet. Potting soil is often used – which is generally weed free.


Other than laying the pallet flat – a vertical garden is established by leaning the pallet up against a structure – building, wall, tree…..whatever. Soil is kept within the pallet by placing landscaping fabric along the back.

Pallet gardening looks to be a great idea – especially for those with minimal space.

Anyone ever try this?


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