Preps lately and “Off Topic”

Over the past week or so I have managed to improve my preps – at least a little.

I ordered three lightweight hammocks for camping and bug out bags. I am planning to take my two boys camping and anticipate we will sleep in hammocks...

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The following post originally appeared HERE over at  By the way – Linda is the person that is responsible for SCP being created. Enjoy!


By Linda Leonardy

            Visiting St...

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Survival Recipe: Roasted Onions


By Wyzyrd,

(a great campfire/cookout side dish)


large yellow or Vidalia onions, peeled, leave root end intact

packaged “Cajun” seasoning OR

chili powder, ground black pepper, ground ...

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Free online fitness training source…..


by Wifey

Each of us knows the importance of staying fit, and as we age it’s becomes more important and yet harder to do.  After a recent surgery (Wifey here) that became VERY complicated I found myself nearly bed-fast for several weeks...

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Appreciate all those that provided some input as to what they like about SCP – and would like to see with it in the future. Feel free to keep commenting and providing ideas...

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The Patriot Nurse speaks on Ebola….

Ebola is a concerning situation and it has been discussed here and many comments have been left.

The Patriot Nurse offers her opinion in these video’s.  The oldest video is at the top and the latest at the bottom...

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Survival Recipe: Sweet Potato “Fries”


By Wyzyrd,

(easy, delicious and NOT deep fried)


sweet potatoes (skin-on) washed and cut into ‘french fry’ size

ground cumin

cracked black pepper

kosher salt to taste


My family would throw me out i...

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Video of the Week: Small Mobile Home


Here is another small home on wheels – food for thought.
 – – Rourke


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There have been several questions about the future of SCP. I have been thinking long and hard on that very same topic...

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Prep’s this week and “Off Topic”

Ebola seems to be on everyones mind. I have been reading a lot from – that is Dr. Doom and Nurse AMy’s website. They have video’s and a podcast. They also appeared on Glenn Beck’s TV show. Excellent stuff and I respect their opinion...

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Off Topic…

It was recently suggested that we create an avenue for people to communicate “off topic” ideas, suggestions, discoveries, and information of all kinds. No problem – lets give it a shot!

So – how is this going to work? Simple – just leave a comment to...

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Ebola case in New York City

Well folks – here we go again!

A doctor who spent time in West Africa has gotten sick and has been diagnosed with Ebola. He began to experience a fever and gastrointestinal problems...

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Inexpensive Indoor Seed Starting Setup, Under $10

This post was originally published back in 2012 – it can be seen HERE in its original format.

Synopsis: A very simple and inexpensive indoor seed starting setup, under $10


A  Quick and Easy Indoor Seed Starter

By Wyzyrd –

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ENJOY!! A Woman’s Poem – A Man’s Poem

man.woman poem

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Priorities of preparedness…..

Rourke: The following post was previously published over at ModernSurvivalOnline.

I recently left a comment on someones Facebook wall concerning preparedness – and left a list of “Steps to Preparedness”. Here is what I put:

  1. Food & Water

  2. Shelter

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Prep’s this Week and “Off Topic”

This week has really been something else. I have really been watching what has been going on in Dallas with the Ebola infections and wondering what the end result will be...

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Recommended Fiction Book: WerewolveSS

This is a book – no longer in publication – that I read probably 15 years ago. Written by Jerry & Sharon Ahern – it has a certain “feel” to the writing that lends itself to those interested in survival & preparedness (and of course firearms).



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Lessons learned through life.

This may be an unusual post. Over the past several weeks I have been doing a lot of thinking about life. Thinking of my parents who are no longer with us. Thinking of friends from the past, mistakes and regrets...

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What have you done this week and “Off Topic”

This past week just few by. A lot of my efforts in preparedness has been geared in the direction of planning...

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Phases of Preparedness



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Bug-Out Bike: Benefits Of Motorcycles For Survivalists

Whether your preferred acronym is TEOTWAWKI (The End Of World As We Know It), SHTF (Sh** Hits The Fan) or GOOD (Get Out Of Dodge), a common argument among survivalists revolves around the preferred mode of transportation.

Among those choices, a motor...

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Off Topic…

Here is a place for people to communicate “off topic” ideas, suggestions, discoveries, and information of all kinds. Lets give it a shot!

So – how does this work? Simple – just leave a comment to this post on anything you wish...

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Survival Biscuits?

This post was previously published here on SCP. Figured many of you have not seen it as it is buried deep within the archives. To see it in its original form click HERE.

Food is my major concern when looking at my preps...

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Soda Bottle Fishing – A Survival Skill?

By Wyzyrd, Editor-at-Large

I talked to a couple folks, today, and nobody had heard of this fishing method. I never saw it until 2001, when I was living in a campground on the bank of the Shenandoah River.

First, I’m NOT talking about using bottles to...

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Prep’s this week and “Off Topic”

Prep’s this week have been slow for me – busyness has been very evident. I did manage to pick up a large of AA alkaline batteries as well as AAA batteries...

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