Oven Cleaning

simple green

From Wyzyrd:

I cleaned my oven this afternoon – going to need to use it a lot next week.   It wasn’t terrible, but had “stuff” on it. (I forgot to support a foil pan back in Dec, had an ‘ooooppppssss’,  forgot about it, and last time I used the oven, I set off the smoke alarm)

I used the nasty spraycan oven cleaner stuff, followed the directions, coughed a lot and had my eyes stinging.  After letting it sit a couple hours, [...]

Ridge Earth Shelter Home

mike oehlers

Shared by Wyzyrd, this is Mike Oehler, the 1970s cheap underground house guy.

HERE is a link to his website.

Do you have any YouTube videos you would like to share?

Please email me at bcfossillady at gmail dot com

Two Book Reviews of Mike Oehler’s Books

book review

By Beverly Sandlin

I bought Mike Oehler’s book The $50 & Up Underground House Book back in 1978 when it was first published. And yes, I lived in the panhandle of Idaho at that time where Mike hails from. My homestead was on the north facing slope and just not suited to an underground home even though I have always yearned for one. Well, my house burned and that book went with it, but Wyzyrd just sent me these two books. I [...]

Prepper Expo – Minnesota!

spe poster_03

GrammaMary Shared This…

April 5 – 6

Link to the Star Tribune newspaper article about it – very positive toward preppers: http://www.startribune.com/lifestyle/188382621.html?refer=y

Link to site: http://www.survivalpreppersexpo.com/

Cob Building Now and Post Collapse

cob building

Very inexpensive, owner built, easy to heat, almost bullet proof home! Imagine a rocket mass thermal heater, cob stoves and oven, perhaps an earth sheltered greenhouse! Now this is a prepper’s retreat!

A MUST SEE article if this interests you at all…


A Cob Home Building Primer

cob oven

We’ve been featuring a number of cob ovens and stoves and I thought these videos would be a great primer on how to make and build with cob and maybe even inspire you to create a bullet proof, earthquake resistant, fire resistant, sustainable preparedness retreat!

Cob workshop!

10 Minutes of beautiful cob homes inside and out. Enjoy!

Must go to website if you are at all interested in this concept or even just reducing your bills!


A Smile for You!

snow buried car

Spring is just not coming to Minnesota and maybe not to the east coast either.  A big nor’easter is bearing down that may be 4x the size of Sandy! Harriet sent me this link… Bug In time!

But the video was cute and I swear this is happening in Minnesota! They are predicting 50 degrees for the last Sunday before April, just to give us hope that spring will come… 




Campers As A Bug Out Vehicle

AeroLite In The Woods

By the WE2′s

To us, having our travel trailer is a must.  Not only do we love to travel and camp,  it just sort of “feels good” to know we pretty much will always have a roof over our heads and the taxes are cheap since it’s taxed as personal property rather than real estate. 

We also believe it’s important to know the “how to” of off grid traveling/camping before you need to do it. We’ve seen a few travel trailers, [...]

Savings Alert! Dog Pack & More!

dog pack

Bug Out Bag for Your Dog!

$19.99!  SPORTSMANSGUIDE!!! They support us; let’s support them – you can click through on the side bar or these links!

Everything your canine companion needs:

Gypsy Backpack ideal for walking, grocery runs, the beach and more. Fits dogs from 25 to 30 lbs.
14-oz. Flip-Close Water Dispenser with Tray: just squeeze out what you need and save the rest
Collapsible Food Dish: fits anywhere, just open and fill
Stainless Steel Canteen: carry extra water for you or for your dog. [...]

Intentional Communities

earth shelter cob

Below is a 5 part series on intentional communities each about 15 minutes long.

“What?! I’m not a hippy!” you say! Hang on there!

Intentional communities come in all types and forms. Reading SCP – duh… :-D You are part of an online preparedness community that was intentionally created to support the people who come here – a virtual intentional community! These communities outlined in this series of videos are all off-grid and working at a sustainable lifestyle and all [...]

Core Cells Within an Extended Group

strength in numbers

By: Methane Creator, Waco Preppers, 2-21-2014

Strength in numbers during chaos or disaster is key to survival.  We know we cannot protect our family or property 24/7 by ourselves.  We also know that if everyone in our extended Group were to arrive at a location, we would be hard pressed to house, feed, and manage such a large group.  By bonding with other members we form Core Cells within the main group. 

We strive to embody members with as many [...]

What Did I Do To Prepare This Week?

2 coffee cups


SeasonedCitizenPrepper.com mission statement…

A web-based community focused on a self-reliant, preparedness lifestyle.

Seasoned Citizen Prepper is a site devoted to the older prepper that believes in prudent, practical preparedness. Self-reliance, frugal living, and faith are the cornerstones of this site. Our goal is to facilitate sharing of knowledge among our subscribers in order to build a sense of community.

By Bev,

What did I do to prepare this week? I am so incredibly pleased with [...]

Slow-Cooker Carnitas



by Wyzyrd , Editor-At-Large

This isn’t really a soup, but a successful experiment that would work well in a “Bev-style” thermal cooker, as well as an electric crock pot. Amazing flavor, not much work. I saw a menu item called “Beer-Braised Carnitas” on a website, and wanted to try it without slow-cooking in melted lard. :)

I found a 3 lb bone-in chunk of pork butt (shoulder) on “reduced for quick sale”.  Sprinkle  with a little salt and pepper. Leave the fat [...]

Separating Egg Whites from Yolks Fast and Easy!

egg yolks


sandwich bags

By WE2′s

With us being hikers, motorcycle riders, canoe lovers, RV”ers and MrWE2 working part time as a carpenter, we go through a lot of ziplock type baggies.

One of the things we have found that saves us a bit in baggies and in keeping sandwiches dry and fresh, are the sandwich sized plastic containers.

They have them at many different stores, but since we enjoy the deli-type sandwich meats such as turkey, ham, etc., we’ve found we can save the containers and [...]

Free Mylar Food Storage Bags!

chip bag

This is a great little video on how to get Mylar storage bags for FREE!  I LOVE FREE!

What Would Be The Hardest Thing To Give Up?


John R

This is from a recent comment… “When you speak of electricity being hard to do without, I read just this week, a survivor of the Sarajevo war, said that electricity was the easiest thing to give up. That made me ponder. I think the electricity and the refrigeration would be hard to be without. As I thought of this all this week, every time I turn on the water, I am so thankful to see that water come out [...]

Camouflaging Your Car Packs

pink backpack

By Mammarock

I would like to note here that all the emergency backpacks and car packs that I have been seeing lately are either, and, or…. red in color or have EMERGENCY KIT, or the company that prepared them…. like EMERGENCY ESSENTIALS…. sewn on or painted in huge letters across them in an obvious place. 

Now, I know we who bought or prepared them should know what they are and what is in them, but we do not need to broadcast [...]

Some Other Weird Prep Items from Wyzyrd

grill brush

by Wyzyrd, Editor-at-Large

I was going through one of the containers, and ran across a few things that don’t make it onto a lot of “Survival Gear” lists, but can come in very, very handy.

1) a “4-in-1” Farriers’s Rasp

Now, I haven’t been in kicking distance of a horse in a long, long time.

Intended for trimming horse’s hooves for shoeing them.

If you ever plan on doing any “rough” woodwork, ever, you probably want one of these in your kit. A half-round wood [...]

Homesteading Defined

countryside mag

You all know that I am a fan of Countryside & Small Stock Journal magazine. In fact, do a search on this site (Countryside Magazine and it is top on the blog roll.) and you will even find an article from JD himself – “the granddady of homesteading”. …I used to write for Countryside before there was an internet… Yes, I’m old. All this discussion on “Are We Crazy?” brought to mind Countryside’s Philosophy Statement…

“It’s not a single idea, but many [...]

Are We Crazy?


By Randy Bock

I recently read an article on a prepping blog entitled “Are You Crazy To Continue Believing In Collapse?”  which made me realize that my ideas and purposes in ‘prepping’ may be a bit different than mainstream.

I am first a homesteader.  From a young age I had a homesteading spirit, and enjoyed working with my hands, gardening, landscaping, raising horses, chickens, ducks, turkeys and rabbits.  I’ve also always liked organization and order, and that serves me well in my [...]

A Patriot’s Rant by Beverly Sandlin


When I agreed to become the Executive Editor of SCP, it included keeping politics off this site as much as possible. I do NOT believe that preparedness is bound by politics – period. And this is blantantly a Christian site, but not Baptist, Catholic, Church of God or whatever.

I have done my best to keep politics off of this site, but I was forwarded an especially upsetting email today that is making its rounds on the [...]

Why You Should Have A Junk Pile


By Bev,

There has been a lot of talk on prepper sites about having caches of supplies on your property and other places, just in case. And most of the time the thought is to bury these caches. I’m sorry, but in Minnesota that means buried until spring and the frost goes out of the ground. But what about an old freezer above ground?

I know that junk piles, brush piles and junk vehicles are unsightly, BUT why should a prepper have [...]

Expect the Unexpected: Invest in a Vehicle Emergency Kit

Man in fluorescent vest putting out a warning triangle by a breakdown

The average American drives approximately 15,195 miles per year, reports the Federal Highway Administration. That’s the equivalent of driving from the Outer Banks of North Carolina to the San Francisco Bay area five times. That creates plenty of opportunity for the unexpected to occur. No matter the distance from your daily point A to point B, there are basic supplies every driver should have in their vehicle to reduce the risk of potential danger. Whether you buy a pre-assembled emergency [...]

Have you prepped for visitors?

Summer11 115

by Ecomum

I live in the UK on my own, with my daughter, her husband and their two children living nearby. As money is tight for them I prep for them as well as myself. Recently my brother moved to my town; there’s no way I would tell him about my preps as it would be akin to taking out an ad in the local paper. So now I prep for the six of us.

We’re about to have a family reunion [...]