Overwintering Parsnips

By GrammaMary,

On April 17th just north of the Twin Cities there was 15 inches of snow. To refuse to get down about continuing snow I decided to bring in the first harvest of the year. Parsnips! Last year was the first year I tried them both to eat and to grow.

Very early last spring I got that heavenly nudge to learn to grow parsnips. I had never even eaten parsnips much less grow them but I know the nudge so I began to research. At one of the early farmers markets in late April when there was hardly lettuce yet there there was a farmer and his wife with parsnips. I asked him if he was from around here because I thought parsnips were harvested in the fall best after a frost. He said that they were good then but if you leave them in the ground and they go through the long hard winter they are even sweeter harvested in early spring. I felt the nudge again that many of us are like that too having gone through long hard winters of life and come out better the other side.


I grew parsnips and they are wonderful. I left some in the ground to test the word on overwintering. If they could make it through this winter we have had they could make it through any winter. I did not cover or mulch them at all. I decided today as it was snowing a little here to harvest some and it is true. They were great roasted for lunch.


If you can grow them in your climate just think, early spring and the fresh potatoes and squash stores are eaten and no crops ready, yet but you can go dig fresh parsnips.. What an amazing provision!

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