Oven Cleaning

From Wyzyrd:

I cleaned my oven this afternoon – going to need to use it a lot next week.   It wasn’t terrible, but had “stuff” on it. (I forgot to support a foil pan back in Dec, had an ‘ooooppppssss’,  forgot about it, and last time I used the oven, I set off the smoke alarm)

I used the nasty spraycan oven cleaner stuff, followed the directions, coughed a lot and had my eyes stinging.  After letting it sit a couple hours, wearing rubber gloves and cleaning and rinsing, STILL had burned greasy crap that didn’t come off. For the absolute heck of it, I gave it a couple squirts of “Simple Green” and waited about 30 seconds, wiped mess off with a paper towel. Clean. Sprayed the racks, waited a minute, and rinsed under running water.  Clean. (for those who don’t know this stuff, best metal shop parts de-greaser ever, US-made, cheap, eco-friendly ,non-toxic – supposedly even safe enough to drink (not gonna try this part) ,smells like sassafrass, not a chemical plant explosion.  It’s on automotive aisle at your nearest megamart.  For less intense uses, it’s a concentrate, so you can cut it with plain water, so it’s even cheaper to use.

Guess what I’m using in the oven next time :)

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