Other Unusual Supplies

By Wife of the WE2’s

One of the other sort of “unusual” supplies is what I’ve always called “pink” tape. It’s stretching and it’s

waterproof, and sticks to itself enough when fully wrapped over itself, to nearly form a complete waterproof

barrier over another bandage. I first encountered this “pink” tape when my first husband, about 3 years before

his death, needed to have colostomy surgery. We often used it around the edges of the enclosed pouch as a

safety barrier…the “just in case” scenario.

Ostomy Pouch

Ostomy Pouch

We’ve also used a number of times on ourselves to make a plastic bandage stay on a finger longer. Just this past couple of weeks, Mr. WE2’s needed it to keep a bandage over his finger as he was shedding a damaged thumb nail. We try to keep 3 rolls in our storage.

Which brings me to my next item…which we DO NOT stock…but some may need to if they have family members that have had

ostomy surgery…usually in cases of colon or rectal cancer etc…and this type of surgery has saved their life.

The “dreaded” ostomy pouch! For my first husband, his life was made so much easier the last 3 years of his life

because of having this surgery. It wasn’t for cancer, but for severe colotis & irritable bowel syndrome. Until

this surgery he wasn’t able to hardly leave the house.

Anyway, I wanted to share these two items with SCP’ers .

There’s just soooo many things in this life that we have no idea of until its affect on us or our family, IF we had no

access to them. I’ve heard of people needing to use plastic baggies and duct tape in emergencies, and that’s

really hard on the tummy’s delicate tissue.

Hopefully this will also help others understand that some subjects are important, so long as they’re not vulgar




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