Odd Lumber Storage

By Bev Sandlin


Lumber prices are going up. Having to go out and purchase a 2×8 by 8 foot just to use 3 feet of it is frustrating. And what do you do with the other 5 feet? And how do you find it when you need it!


Consider using an old ladder for lumber storage. I found an old homemade ladder, about 5 feet long, at a rummage sale for $2. I decided to store the lumber in the loft of my barn. So I turned the ladder on its side, maybe about 30 inches up on the wall I attached it with a couple of screws to the exposed studs in the barn. Then I screwed in 2 2x4s on the front for legs. 


Great storage for odds and ends of lumber for practically no money! And now I can FIND my extra lumber!


More Storage


Above my odds and ends lumber storage is another storage solution for longer, lighter molding. This was created with 2x6s screwed into the studs and 2x4s angled up and screwed into the studs and 2x6s.


I needed to put some outdoor cushions into storage. “How do I do this without the mice getting into them,” I thought, and thought some more.  My first idea was an old fishing net strung in a triangle—but I didn’t have a fishing net… I did have an old hammock though! Strung between two rafter with a couple of nails bent up and some bale twine. Yes, that worked. Then just shove in some drier sheets and they should be good until next spring! 


Adequate storage is always a problem. Do you have any innovative storage solutions?

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