North Korea………

Unless you live in a bubble you likely have heard of the turmoil that North Korea is causing in the world.

I recently received an email from someone asking me my thoughts are. What follows is my response.


North Korea leader Kim Jong-un  either is insane, seriously misinformed, or totally bluffing.

Insane: North Korea does have a massive military force – of people. Their actual military might fails in comparison to the United States. To threaten attacking the United States – OR take action which would bring the full force of the United States military on them would seem pretty insane to me. If he actually goes through and starts a war – I say he is totally bonkers.

Seriously Misinformed: Much like a boxer that enters the ring and believes it is impossible to lose because that is what all of his trainers, coaches, friends, and managers have been drilling into his head – possibly Kim is being misled. Is it possible that his people have so filled his head with the certainty that North Korea not only has the capability to take over the South – but is destined to do so? Who knows.

Bluffing: Hopefully Kim is doing nothing more than trying to a gain position which to bargain for decreased sanctions/increased assistance. North Korea has little resources and depends on importation for much of its energy and food. With the sanctions placed on North Korea – the country and its people are hurting.


……and I hate to suggest it – but there is one more: A False Flag.

There are those that believe that this entire situation is nothing more than a reason for evil doers in the US government to generate an EMP attack and blame North Korea for it. I personally do not see it – but it is one of the thoughts out there.


Regardless – there are dangers across the globe and in our own towns, and we prepare.


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