Mylar to Keep You Warm & Cool Part 2 of 5

By Beverly Sandlin

This post is the second in a 5 part series that deals with the 2 mil reflective one side, black or white poly the other side, blackout, 4’x50′ roll (comes in 25′ and 100′ rolls as well), that is sold by High Tech Garden Supply on eBay for <$30 (includes shipping), that I have been experimenting with this winter. Some ideas will overlap given the topic headings to make this post stand alone to be printed.

  1. If an inexpensive Mylar emergency blanket is the only thing between you and death, don’t you want the best possible blanket that won’t rip? You can make your own emergency blankets that are stronger and more durable than any you can buy with this roll of Mylar by duck taping the edges.emergency blanket shades
  2. You can make a Mylar sleeping bag with a hood by taping it or even sewing it!
  3. Or create a passive solar heating window box using it to reflect solar rays onto black aluminum cans or metal tubing, and using it on the back to reflect the captured heat back into the house.
  4. If you purchase the black one side you can tape it over your windows leaving 2” open top and bottom and absorb solar heat. Cool air will be drawn up from the bottom and come out warmer on the top. At night just tape the flaps on top and bottom securely and all the heat you captured will stay in and be reflected to the inside.
  5. You can cover your windows and unused doors in an emergency to keep heat in during cold weather or glue it onto shades.
  6. You can cover your windows and doors with the reflective side facing out to keep heat out in the summer – think about the south and west facing windows especially.
  7. By putting it over your windows, it can produce a 100% blackout effect – This Mylar is blackout, not all are. Many subdivisions have covenants that only white can show in window treatments. Buy the white one side and you have gotten around that.
  8. Cold bedroom? Stay toasty warm by putting the Mylar under your sheets to reflect back your body heat and between blankets on top to do the same.mylar hoody
  9. Line your attic with the reflective side out and you can keep your house at least 10 degrees cooler in the summer. Turn it around in the winter and you now have a 10 degree warmer house. Or just buy the Mylar that is reflective on both sides. Be sure to leave room for any condensation to evaporate.
  10. Glue or silicone it onto insulation board and block off seldom used windows for energy savings.
  11. Place under a sleeping bag to increase warmth.
  12. Line your sleeping bag with Mylar to increase its warmth.
  13. Because you can sew it and wash it, you can use it to make insulating curtains, thin quilts, a tea cozy or add it to a thermal cooker, and even clothing.
  14. Want toasty warm feet or have a leaky boot? Just wrap your feet in Mylar and slip into your boots. Or fit it around your boot liner or glue it onto a pair of shoe inserts or make your own shoe inserts with felt or cushioning foam and Mylar.
  15. Using your rocket stove as an emergency heater and/or cooking stove inside? Mylar under and on the back will make it safer and reflect the heat produced maximizing the burn – never use wood or charcoal in a rocket stove inside, use Sterno, Camp Heat or some other non-toxic fuel that doesn’t produce smoke.
  16. Using candles for warmth, cooking or ambiance – safety first with Mylar under and in back of them to provide maximum heat, safety and lighting.mylar cat house
  17. Need to create a warm room or isolation room quickly? Mylar is very lightweight, tapes together easily and you can hang it with thumb tacks or a staple gun quickly.
  18. Cover the inside of your pet’s house to keep it waterproof and reflect their body heat to keep them warm.
  19. Raising chicks, ducklings or other baby animals that need warmth and a draft free environment? Mylar on the bottom and sides of a box will give them additional heat, make the box easy to clean (Just lift, take outside, shake and put back in.) and draft free. Just be sure to keep a thermometer in there to monitor the heat so that it doesn’t get too hot.
  20. Need a place in the barn for a sick calf or baby goat that is warm and draft free? Mylar to the rescue! You can even lay a newborn colt on it that was born in a rain storm and can’t get up and drag it to the barn for mama horse to take care of.
  21. Need a dog, goat or horse blanket quick? Cut the Mylar to fit and tape on reflective side in. Or sew it on the side of a doggie coat or horse blanket for extra warmth in cold weather.mylar in marathon
  22. Lay a Mylar blanket on the snow before you sit down or to work on a vehicle.
  23. After strenuous exercise wrap yourself in a Mylar blanket to prevent muscle cramping, chills and to keep you warm – great for marathon runners!
  24. Create a sail or canopy over your outdoor living area with Mylar reflective side up and it will keep you up to 20 degrees cooler on hot days!
  25. Cut a 2’x2′ square and shove it in your pants over your rear for a “butt apron” and you can sit anywhere in the damp or cold without getting wet.

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