Mylar Shades & Window Coverings – NOW!

By Bev,

We are hitting -15 again tonight with the 7 day forecast showing every night below zero – yes, into March. Tomorrow we have blizzard warnings with no snow, just very high winds which will cause whiteout conditions. That means -50 wind chill – 3 minutes to frostbite on any bare skin. I am oh so tired of winter!

So what did I do today? I went into overdrive and finished my Mylar heat reflecting shades in the kitchen and cut and taped on Mylar on all the windows upstairs. I swear with the house thermostat set at 65, it began to feel like 70 – oh so welcome on these old bones.

I am working with 3 types of Mylar:

1. A 50’x4′ roll of 2 mil Mylar from High Tech Garden Supply I bought off of eBay for <$30 last week.

2. The end of a 25’x4′ roll of 2 mil Mylar, reflective both sides I bought for <$30 last year.

3. Mylar emergency blankets – very thin.

torn shade

Very old not so good shades in the kitchen.


Materials used plus border adhesive which is basically white glue.

hideous greenhouse

One shade done  by adhering the 2 mil one side onto the shade with glue.

Hideous Mylar tent I can’t keep up over my Kitchen Scraps Garden.

Kitchen scrap garden shades

On the left is the 2 mil adhered with glue to shade.

Center is the 2 mil Mylar reflective both sides just cut and taped onto the shade rod after I ripped off the original old shade.

Note how my Kitchen Scraps Gaden is growing! East window, so it needs the reflection of the Mylar which I just “tent” over the box during the day.

On the right is 2 mil Mylar white one side taped onto the shade rod after I ripped off the original old shade – edges curl just a bit.

emergency blanket shades

Very thin Mylar emergency blanket glued onto the shade. Works just fine but I have the fold lines I couldn’t get out.

upstairs bedroom

Upstairs I have just cut to size and taped to windows with Scotch tape.


And yes, even over the door window.

My heating bills are killing me and I surely wish I would have figured this out earlier this winter, but such is life and I have them up now.


I can reverse all of these to keep down the 100 degree heat of a Minnesota summer.


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