Mylar Miscellany Part 4 of 5

By Beverly Sandlin

This post is part of a 5 part series that deals with the 2 mil reflective one side, black or white the other side, blackout, 4’x50′ roll (comes in 25′ and 100′ rolls as well), that is sold by High Tech Garden Supply on eBay for <$30 (includes shipping), that I have been experimenting with this winter.

This post is for all the applications for Mylar that I couldn’t fit anywhere else.parabolic mirror

  1. Use this tough, durable, weather resistant product to create your own solar cooker.
  2. You may be able to use it as a solar griddle, especially with a parabolic mirror.
  3. How about creating a solar food dehydrator?
  4. The light reflective surface of Mylar is also great for oil lamps and solar lights.
  5. Do you have a water leak that you can’t get to right away? Mylar is waterproof and will catch the drips and leaks.
  6. Create a personalized Faraday Cage that is impervious to solar flare emissions with Mylar. Just use Mylar tape to secure it. NOT impervious to a full nuclear EMP attack.
  7. Want to create a parabolic mirror for solar cooking, cutting or the dreaded death ray? Yup, it’s as easy as covering a garbage can lid with Mylar and sucking the air out of it to create the bowl shape needed. It is dangerous, so don’t let the kids play with it!mylyar as a mirror
  8. How about an outside reflective tanning booth – or maybe just for your legs?
  9. Off Grid and need to maximize the light hitting your solar panels? Mylar will reflect the sun’s rays for optimizing your solar array.
  10. Are you a photographer and need to enhance the light on your subjects? It is used all the time on movie sets as a lightweight, durable enhancer of natural light.
  11. You can make your own custom food storage bags by heat sealing the colored side on three sides, turning the bag inside out, turning the the colored sides on top into themselves and sealing the top.
  12. Changing a flat tire at night? Put a Mylar blanket on the back of the car to reflect light and make other drivers more aware of you.
  13. Tie pieces of Mylar, reflective side out around you or tape to you for safety at night when walking on roadways.mylar over bed
  14. Stuck in a traffic jam and can’t make it to a bathroom? A square of Mylar will contain and seal up the mess or a blanket will act as a sheild by the side of the road.
  15. Use over insulation on water pipes as another barrier to keep from freezing. Or to prevent the drips from condensation.
  16. Make a Mylar envelope to keep your credit and debit cards in when in stores, so that they can’t be scanned by a scammer. Yes, lead is better but it is heavier.
  17. Spas use Mylar body wraps to relieve aches and lose water weight.
  18. This Mylar is really no reflective enough to make a mirror but the 2 mil both sides reflective is and is used as a lightweight alternative mirror in dance rooms, kids toys and wherever you would like a mirror with very little weight.

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