Mylar Just for Fun! Part 5 of 5

By Beverly Sandlin

This post is part of a 5 part series that deals with the 2 mil reflective one side, black or white poly the other side, blackout, 4’x50′ roll (comes in 25′ and 100′ rolls as well), that is sold by High Tech Garden Supply on eBay for <$30 (includes shipping), that I have been experimenting with this winter.

Levitating Mylar!

1. Professional drum sets often have a Mylar coating underneath. Put Mylar over a bowl, pot or can, rubber band it and you have an instant drum for the kids.

2. Want a shiny, mirrored surface for a craft project that is kid safe? Mylar can be glued and sewn into a myriad of shapes and formsmylar kids boats

3. Kid’s science projects in include making solar cookers, solar panels, etc.

4 Need a Halloween costume that will keep the kids warm while trick or treating? Turn the reflective side in and create a ghost, super hero cape, or a Darth Vader costume just with tape! Just be sure to add light reflective tape to the costume so the little goblins can be seen by cars. On the theme of costumes you could wrap a cardboard sword or ax with Mylar reflective side out.

5. Make a kite!

6. Mylar is easy to work with making detailed stencils as you can draw or trace on one side.


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