Mylar & Gardening Part 3 of 5

By Beverly Sandlin

This post is part of a 5 part series that deals with the 2 mil reflective one side, black or white poly the other side, blackout, 4’x50′ roll (comes in 25′ and 100′ rolls as well), that is sold by High Tech Garden Supply on eBay for <$30 (includes shipping), that I have been experimenting with this winter. mylar tomatoes

Window farming!
This is a great little video from Great Britian, I believe. It even speaks to the concerns of preppers!

1. A waterproof houseplant wrap.mylar window box reflector
2. As a reflective shield behind your window farm to bounce more light onto the plants.
3. Do you have an indoor garden or want to start your plants indoors and make the most of your light? That is what this stuff is sold for – indoor gardening and hydroponic gardening.
4. Do you have a dark spot in your garden? Mylar is weather resistant and can reflect what light there is for warmth and magnification.
5. Under plant trays for added warmth and moisture protection.
6. Make a mini-greenhouse for starting seeds.
7. Under your tomato plants to increase the light.
8. Ideal for raised beds as silver mulch.

Silver Reflective Mulch that repells white flies, aphids and other insects.

9. Cut the Mylar into strips and hang on fences or stakes as a deer deterrant. This can also work in the garden mylar stripsfor birds and has been known to deter woodpeckers from pecking your house.
10. It can be put on the inside of a greenhouse or cold frame to increase light and warmth.
11. Line the bottom of your greenhouse with Mylar and you are maximizing the sun’s rays to all of the plants.
12. Use it on your inground hoops in the garden to reflect the suns rays down to the earth, warming it. Or shade your plants with the reflective side out.
13. You can put Mylar under and behind the buckets to reflect more sun on the tomatoes without fearing sun burn.
14. Repells white flies, aphids and other insects.


Self watering 5 gallon tomato buckets would be ideal set on Mylar.


15. This poly/Mylar mulch will also keep your garden from drying out by trapping the moisture under it so that it can’t transpire out.

16. It will also keep your plants’ roots warmer in the spring and fall and cooler in the summer.

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