My highly complex and extensive fire starting kit

Go and visit survival and preparedness forums and read peoples opinions on what fire starting supplies to have and you will see more opinions than you can keep up with. Char cloth, bow drill, hand drill, magnifying glass, matches, etc. I have had all kinds of fire starting kits and have come to one conclusion…..

Simple is good.


So – here we go. Here is my complete fire starting kit:


Yeah – Bic lighters. Simple. Cheap. One pack of Bic lighters can be lit literally hundreds of times. They have no shelf life and a lifetime supply can be stored away by most anyone on any budget. Portable, lightweight and easy to use. Hey – these things are great!

Sure – including a few extra items to assist in getting the fire going would be helpful. My personal favorite is petroleum jelly. Yup – this stuff burns fantastic. Spread some on cotton balls or a crumpled up paper towel and sustain the flame from the Bic to get the fire going.

Fire has long been one of the most important aspects of survival…..and preparing to survive.

Ready to start your fire?


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