My garage is a mess…..

I am too ashamed to post pictures….my garage is a mess.

The vast majority of my preparedness supplies are in my garage – except for most of the food. The garage USED to be all mine – then the kids and the wife started an invasion. Just a little at first. A few toys scattered around started it, then my wife asked if she could do some scrapbooking out there. Little by little their invasion of my 20’x20′ foot “man-cave” became more serious and more and more area was captured. Soon the garage was a hodge-podge of bikes, toys, scrapbooking supplies – and all kinds of other stuff that just wasn’t very manly. Soon they raised their flag in victory.

Oh well, I know I am not alone in my situation.

What has really become frustrating is when  go looking for something that I know I have – and just cannot find it. What if the SHTF and finding that antenna for my hand-held was truly important? I have got to get organized.

Over the next couple weeks I am redoing my garage with the expectation that in the end I will have more space for supplies and it will be very organized. I don’t have a lot of money to spend right now so I have decided to put up shelves all along one wall – my wall. I will build these using cinder blocks and wooden shelves about 24″ deep. Stacking two cinder blocks between each shelf should provide some decent support and space – cheap.

The mainstay of my supply storage is plastic totes. These are labeled and are relatively durable. Defense, Winter Clothes, Sanitation, Cooking, Solar – small, First Aid, Medical, etc.

In the end I hope to have a better grasp of what I have and what I don’t  – and where it all is.

So – how do you have your supplies organized?


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