Movie review………ARGO

 By Bev Sandlin

I don’t go to movies that often, perhaps one to three times a year, but this movie is worth seeing!

If you are old enough to remember the Iranian hostage crisis in ’79-’80 this movie will answer some of “the rest of the story”. For those of us who lived it, they nailed the looks, clothing, vocabulary, music, cars and even the now politically incorrect smoking in the workplace and on airplanes. They even started the movie with a short history lesson on the U.S. involvement in Iranian affairs that prefaced that horrible time and in ways explains many of the current animosities between our nations.

This is a nail biting (Yes, I was biting my nails!) drama from beginning to end. I was living in the panhandle of Idaho at that time. Iranian American’s and students were protesting all over the United States. Our embassy in Iran had been turned into a prison for our embassy personnel who were being labeled spies. There were protests and clashes between Iranian and American students at the technical college in then sleepy little Coeur d Alene.  Over 400 days of a hostage crisis and our country was not happy with any Iranians!

I won’t ruin the movie and tell you much more, but I will say that it will bring back vivid memories if you lived through those days. And if you didn’t, it is a must see movie to understand the current state of affairs and obvious mistrust between the U.S. and Iran.

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