Moveable Poultry Fence

Moveable fence for poultry or ??? This is a neat concept, I like it, especially the gate part.

Now, I will also tell you that I think you can do this with an appropriate length of rebar (a foot to 18 inches longer than the height of the fence) just slid through a couple of holes in the fence and pounded into the ground with a hammer. Rebar is easy to pull out too as it has no bib, or whatever you call it, like fencepost at the end. Step-in fiberglass fencepost might do the job too. And here is one with just wood stakes – I’m assuming the end is pointed.

moveable poultry fencing stake

Note: To keep the chickens from hopping the fence you need to trim one side of their wing feathers off with a scissors for uneven lift, usually ever month or so.

On a side note, I just love this idea for a nest box from a 5 gallon bucket. Cheap, easy to get into, easy to clean – what more do you want? Plastic does not provide living quarters for lice and mites like wood does.

5 gallon nest box

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