Mountain House Freeze Dried foods….hmmmm,hmmmm, good

How many of you have tried freeze dried foods? Specifically – Mountain House brand? Over the past couple years I have been trying more and more of their offerings and have really been impressed. This month Emergency Essentials is having a huge sale on Mountain House foods in #10 cans and I was able to pull a few dollars together and order six cans. A buddy of mine went in together on the order.

My favorites so far are Scrambled Eggs w/Bacon, Chili Mac w/Beef, Lasagna with Meat Sauce, and Rice and Chicken (phenomenal!). One I ordered that I haven’t tried yet is the New Orleans Style Rice with Shrimp and Ham. Sounds good.

In my own food storage program I have combined common grocery store foods, wheat/beans/rice, and freeze dried foods.

So – ever tried freeze dried foods? What did you think? Any favorites?


Oh – if you want to check out the sale over at Emergency Essentials click HERE. Some items are 30-50% off.

Emergency Essentials/BePrepared


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