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Below is a list of recommended survival and preparedness products/companies. All products will be either ones I have first hand experience with OR I know someone who has recommended them and I value their judgement.

Most products will come from Amazon and a select few trusted online sources.


Food and Food Storage: Emergency Essentials

 Emergency Essentials has been supplying preparedness products for more than 25 years. With a reputation second to none – they are a great source for food storage solutions.


Click the picture below to visit their website.

Emergency Essentials/BePrepared


Survival & Preparedness Books: Fiction and Non-Fiction





Water Purification/Filtering:



Emergency Lighting:




Medical/First Aid:


















General Supplies:






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8 comments to Recommended Products

  • John from Iowa  says:

    I would like to recommend the Midland XT511 Emergency Radio for your consideration.
    It has AM, FM, & Weather bands as well as FRS and GMRS two way radio.
    It has a clock with alarm function, and a light that works like a flashlight.
    It recharges using solar or hand crank, and can even recharge a cellphone using a USB port. It can also recharge Midland's modular batteries for their walkie talkie units.
    It has a built in battery, but can use a couple of other types as well.
    For all around emergency use, it's great at just under $80 if you shop around. I see one currently on ebay at that price.
    Check out the specs on it. You'll love it! I bought two of them some time back, and haven't been disappointed!

    • Rourke  says:

      Thanks John - appreciate the suggestions!


      • Arlene  says:

        I like the carousal display style of the products !!Rourke and all-could you please list the authors for recommended books because sometimes there are many titles of the same .I am searching for
        Lights Out, Going Home and Patriot Dawn. Thanks Arlene
        Lee- Alas Babylon by Pat Frank was exc. -I agree.

  • Lee  says:

    I'd like to suggest two additional fiction books that actually have some useful insights into emergency preparedness. Alas Babylon by Pat Frank (1959) and War Day by Whitley Streiber and James Kunetka (1984) are both works of fiction, but contain nuggets of useful information in end-time scenarios.

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  • creedyrn  says:

    I know there are concerns about the Red Cross, but they offer a 72 hr survival bag that might be a good start for folks just beginning to prepare...the deluxe version includes an AM/FM/weather band radio...both contain a few water packs, a container for water storage, protein bars for three days, basic first aid kit, emergency blanket, and more

  • larryb  says:

    We lost power at our place for about five days and what we found was not much on updates on the radio but you had to get the tv news to find out anything. Anyone else have this problem?

  • Richrd A.  says:

    I just bought this radio and think it is a valuable addition to my emergency supplies.

    Yes, it does not have a WX band, only AM and FM.
    Yes, it does not have a hand crank (but those, I've heard, often fail)
    Yes, it does not run on 110 vac (not even a jack to plug in an adapter)

    BUT, it will run for 200 hours on two D cells, and it has both decent sound and decent performance ...

    AND it is really inexpensive ($16.00 on Amazon as I write this)

    The Sony ICF-F10


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