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12 comments to Contact Us

  • Verna  says:

    I love the hay idea and I bet the horses do too. Thank you. Verna

    • Bev  says:

      Thanks Verna!

      Bev :)

  • calandman  says:

    Have you thought about making local Police, Firemen and City Political Campaign Contributions? Also joining their local support organizations. Same goes for getting involved with the local hospital and making a small donation or volunteering. We live in a place of about 100,000 population so getting to know these people on a first name basis would not be difficult or all that costly. I wouldn't depend on city services primarily but might as well have them on our side and friendly to us on a more personal basis. A couple hundred bucks might be money well spent. What do you think?

  • Lee  says:

    I just joined local Red Cross to begin volunteering for local disaster assistance with long term goal of being able to volunteer for larger scale assistance. I also feel it will help me with 'prepping' for my family.

  • Loretta  says:

    What happened to The Survivial Story? I really enjoyed reading the next installment of the diary each day. Please bring it back...thanks.

  • keebler  says:

    I'm Loving all the Great Ideas to use Mylar.I ordered a roll yesterday right after seeing the link. Love this web site.

  • Donna Olson  says:


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  • TPSnodgrass  says:

    Most unfortunate that this site is no longer active or being added to. It should be removed due to lack of interest by the website owner/s, must be being kept "alive" by the hits on adverts sites. Several months of no new articles or other information.

  • TPSnodgrass  says:

    I didn't know this was your site, Rourke, as one who is approaching "seasonedcitizenstatus", I was very disappointed that there wasn't more information up-to-date on here. Guess that makes me Prepperselfish! Apologies, but I know you cant be everywhere.

  • Kathy Young  says:

    Re: Lower back problems. I've had 4 orthopedists and 3 PTs. One of the best tips I got was for posture. Sit and walk as though you have a string attached to the top of your head, pulling upwards. You sit and walk straighter, and that takes pressure off your lower back. It does help. I'm 11 years past my fall down stairs, and I manage with ibuprofen and exercises now.

  • Sherie Swartz  says:

    I was wondering about the bean soup.
    Is there a reason all the ingredients have to Be in separate buckets??
    It would by much easier to use 2 gamma lids and save $ on the 6 others,
    But open only One pail at a tins ( where all the ingrediance are already per portioned our??,?

    Ready -is if a oil / moisture issue???
    I would love to know so I can complete our family meals.

    Thanks so much

    Sherie from Utah ;)

  • Jan Freeman  says:

    I know the site owner is no longer active, but I am hoping some other reader might be able to answer this. For the bean soup, why kidney beans? Kidney beans must be thoroughly soaked to get the toxic elements out. Is there a reason why pintos or black beans are not as good?

    Also the article is wrong in saying Whole Foods sells large bulk bags of Barley. The local Whole Foods manager explained to me that they have never had or sold premeasured large bags of barley, rice, or other grain. Their concept of "bulk" is that they have large bins of each commodity and you yourself scoop into small bags what you want, at a rather high price.


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