Mini Sentry .22 Caliber Tripwire Alarm

Mini Sentry .22 Caliber Tripwire Alarm

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I found a fun new idea for security – “big kid toys’ – get ’em before they’re banned!

It’s 3:00 AM and you are sound asleep. The loud crack of a firearm fills the air, awakening you, instantly letting you know that someone is trying to steal your property. You grab a light and some protection and head out to find the culprit, but there’s no one around. When the MiniSentry discharged, the thief took off running, no confrontation, no loss and a warning for future attempts.


The Mini-Sentry trip alarm uses a readily available, inexpensive .22 caliber concrete gun load or .22 blank, and is constructed of machined brass, steel and stainless. It can be used to alarm large areas with a trip wire, gates, pastures, meadows, doors, vehicles, equipment, products and more. The Mini –Sentry can be installed with a zip tie, wire or screws. A distinct advantage to a trip wire with a gun shot repeat is the trespasser knows that you are aware of his presence – a huge deterrent.

The units are $29.95 each or

$24.95 for 4 units or more.

Shipping is $5.95

How much is your stuff worth?

Buy it here:


What a coincidence!! The manufacturer happened to send me a sample for testing and evaluation just the other day. I am in the midst of my testing and will report back my findings.

 – Rourke

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