Mini-Greenhouses by Granny Carolyn

I ran across an idea to use water or soda bottles in gardening. If you cut the bottom off, and remove the screw on top (but save it) you can put it over your young seedlings and have a mini-greenhouse. After danger of frost is past take your lids, drill a hole in each (the smallest drill bit you have) screw it back on the bottle and dig down into the soil next to your plant and bury your bottle at least half way with the top down. Fill the bottle with water and you have a trickle waterer down into the root area that should save water and eliminate the need for extra watering during hot summer days.

pop bottle greenhouse 4

I haven’t tried this myself yet, but plan to as it makes sense to me. Hope it helps someone else. I think we all need to get out and plant something now and and get proficient in gardening before the bottom falls out. This may not help a farmer with acres planted, but maybe a senior doing container gardening will find it useful.


pop bottle greenhouse 1

The best insurance for disasters large and small is to be prepared. Remember the wise virgins.

pop bottle greenhouse 2

pop bottle greenhouse 5

Note from Bev

I just lost my newly planted pepper plants to a late frost. This would have worked wonderfully! Thanks Granny Carolyn for sharing!

Another variation on a pop bottle root irrigation.

Another variation on a pop bottle root irrigation.



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