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Okay, you all asked for it! So here is my first preparedness blog post on medical preparedness!

First off, DO NOT waste your money on an expensive medical kit if you don’t know how to use it! If you have no medical background, a surgical kit is not worth your money.

Prepare for what you know. Gain skills. There is plenty out there in cyber land but a video is not going to teach you how to do major surgery.

I advise everyone to take at least a basic first aid class from your local health department or Red Cross. Be wary of you tube videos, etc. unless you can verify the credentials of the poster.

If you truly want to be more than a first aid provider, I suggest that you look at paramedic training.  Or even a nursing program.

But realize that unless you have the knowledge, the tools aren’t going to help you a bit.

Do not think that you can diagnose a problem without the knowledge. Do not think you can figure out the best medicine without the knowledge. Do not think you can do surgery without gaining the knowledge.

Keep a basic first aid kit. They can be purchased online or at your local chain store. Make sure you not only have one for your home, but also for you vehicles. You can personalize these based on who is in your home/group (kids, elderly, diabetics, etc.)

As has been posted multiple times and places, if you are on prescription medications, you need to look at ways to stock up on those. Hopefully, you have a doctor who is willing to give you an extra prescription, even if you have to pay for it out of pocket.  I am currently exploring using things like fish antibiotics. I will likely do a post once I’ve completed my research. If you own a pet, perhaps your vet would be willing to write you a script for some medications. They use the same meds we do, just in different dosages. So that might be an option.  And don’t forget your pets, if they are on meds too!

Make sure you and your pets are all up to date on your shots! I don’t usually get the flu shot…I worked in an ER and figured I had enough natural immunity built up. But since I no longer work in the ER, I am considering getting one this year. I know some are leery of immunizations, but I try to keep up to date on my tetanus. I even got the Tdap last time(tetanus,pertussis,diptheria), which was fortuitous, as we soon had a grandbaby living with us!

I know there are concerns about the Red Cross, but they are a great resource  for First Aid classes and more.  I bought a 3 day emergency bag from them that had all the basics. Basic first aid kit, protein bars, a few water pouches plus a couple gallon collapsed portable jug, a weather/AM/FM radio/flashlight combo, emergency blanket, and more. I have been adding to it as I have learned more here and from some other resources I have found. There’s a lot of room for you to add,/personalize it for a BOB. I am considering purchasing the lower cost bags for the rest of my family members (doesn’t have the radio).

I also urge caution regarding using supplements and herbals. Please be sure you have explored the pros/cons. Know how they may interact with any prescribed medications you may be taking. Understand that supplements and herbs are not regulated and may not act the same as your prescribed meds. We may have to return to using herbals, but it is going to be a trial and error situation if we do.

I am an RN and according to my license I cannot dispense medical advice. Please keep that in mind. What I post here is only my own opinion. I will  answer your questions to the best of my ability.

So please suggest topics you would like to see covered in future posts. Suggestions can be general or specific. I personally do not have a whole lot of knowledge regarding herbals or natural alternatives, but will be happy to research. This is a learning experience for all of us!

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