Medical Grab Bag

Having read several of the medical preparedness articles, we wanted to share with you what we call our “medical grab bag” which stays at home.  Being a “grab bag” only means we don’t dig through medicine cabinets or bathroom shelves/drawers trying to locate something we need…in a hurry. 
We’re hoping you can see for yourselves just how much we are able to get into this semi-waterproof satchel that has a huge center pouch when unzipped, two end pouches, one large flap that unzips, and another smaller sized side pouch.  We have a smaller version in our RV, and two plastic shoe boxes with simple preps in each vehicle. 
Neither of us are really what we’d call “savvy” in the medical field, but we try to prepare ourselves for common occurances such as: wound cleansing/ointments/closures/bandages, burns, bites, sprains, broken bones, clothing removal, eye washes, sunburn, blisters, congestion, and pain relievers etc. 
There’s a lot of stuff in our grab bag, so I’ve attached some pics and hope their legible enough for you to see.  Hopefully we can give you ideas and you can give us ideas.  We even keep a small “round” of blood clotting powders that we buy at PetCo (for dogs who get a toenail trimmed too short).  It not only stops bleeding but also has a powerful pain killer in it.  It works for us…we can tell you for sure! LOL We’ve had several occasions to use it on ourselves and a friend who is a bleeder & got a nasty skinned knee while canoeing and it sure made a believer out of him.  Be aware though, that it will turn the wound line “black”. 
We also keep several of our fish’s antibiotics just in case we would need them :-)
If you encounter any problems please let us know and we’ll try to get this thing right.  Hopefully our sharing will help others.
Medical Grab Bag

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