Looking for help with HAM communications…….

Hello all – 

Like many of you preparing for bad times ahead “communications” are an essential part of my preps. I am reaching out to see if any of you might be willing to share you knowledge of HAM radio operations. Basically I am looking for information on communications in a grid-down, no cell phone situation. From my own research – HAM radio’s are the logical choice for the longest range.

Specifically – I am interested in setting up two systems:

1. Base system which to communicate to other base systems as well as mobile hand held units.

2. Mobile to mobile via hand held units.

Any suggestions and sharing of experience would be helpful. Comments can be left or you can email me direct to emergencycd(at)gmail.com.

Additionally – if anyone is willing to share there own communication system we would love to hear it. Regardless of it consists of CB’s, FRS/GMRS, or two tin cans connected by a string – please share!

Take care all – 


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