Looking for ammunition?

Ammo IN A Can Professional-500x500I have just found out that ReadyReserveAmmo.com is expecting a shipment of 5.56mm NATO 62 Grain XM855 Penetrator rounds this week. They are currently taking pre-orders.

I know many of you are looking for ammunition including 5.56mm. At the price that 5.56 ammunition is selling for – around $1.00 per round – take advantage of his deal. Currently they are selling 30 rounds in a long-term storage can or $16.95.  This works out to be a bit above .50 cents a round.

Also – last I looked they still have .22LR in stock and are taking pre-orders for 9mm.


For more information – visit ReadyReserveAmmo.com. I  believe pre-orders must be called in.

Keep your powder dry!

– Rourke

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